One new feature we have added recently to Pulado is the option for the player to include a procedurally generated maze on the ground layer. The Pulado engine will take the Block graphic that you upload and it will generate a maze based on the height and width of that block graphic. There are two maze types: a closed maze, and an open maze. In the closed maze there is always one block next to another block and one pathway through the maze. With an open maze the maze generator will ignore building some blocks randomly (25%-33% of the time I believe) which will give you holes in the walls of the maze. This allows the player to take more than one pathway through the maze.

The procedural maze also takes a random seed value. What the random seed does (if set) is that the maze will show up the same every time you play that level. In a single level game (which dynamically scales out to 99 levels) every level will have a different random seed which means every level will have a different maze. However, every time you play the game all of the mazes will be the same as the last time you played the game. For a multiple level game each level can have a different random seed. You can keep generating a random seed for that level until you get an automatically generated maze that you like.

If you would rather that the maze is different every time you play the game (and every time you play each level) you can set the random seed to 0 which will disable the random seed feature.