One thing about the Pulado engine that can be confusing to users is how the engine handles rotation of graphics.

Generally all graphics should be rotated 90 degrees to the left so that the top of the player’s head or the front of the space ship is facing to the left (with the feet and or engines to the right). For a human type character the face would then be facing down. If you get the rotation wrong it isn’t a big deal because you can manually set the rotation in the Pulado engine (on the Player Tab) after you upload your graphic if you need to.

Depending on the player type that you choose Pulado will automatically rotate the player graphic to face in the correct direction for that game play type. However, in some instances (like Move 360 Degrees Left) it could save you time if you import your player character with their head at the top, feet at the bottom, and facing forward (to the right).

Lastly most player graphics are generally on a an angle which is a multiple of 90 degrees. This usually means your character will shoot in one of four directions. However, on the Player Tab there is also an Angle setting. With the angle setting you can rotate the player angle from -90 to 90 degrees. The angle setting not only changes the angle of your player but it also changes the angle that the player character will fire it’s projectiles at. If you change the angle to -45 degrees and you are in “Move 360 Degrees Left” mode it you start firing your shots up and to the right at 45 degrees. If you also turn on Projectile Gravity you will have arcing projectiles that rise and fall along an arc. Sweet!

One exception to the rotated rule are backgrounds. Backgrounds should be designed with their 0x0 point at the top left corner and no rotation. What you see is what you get with backgrounds. The engine applies no rotation to them at all.