The Cloud is the new buzzword of the moment but Pulado basically provides cloud based flash games.

When you build a game with Pulado your game is hosted on our site. You can release your game into the wild and you will still have control over your game long after release. You can even use feedback you receive about your game to continue to tweak it and make it better.

For example, say you build a 10 level game in Pulado and then release it. People think it is great and want more levels. You can go back in and add 10 more levels to your existing game and they will automatically show up in your game in the wild.

Or say the feedback you receive is that one of your bosses is to hard or people can’t get past level 8. You can go back in and tweak your game on our site and it will automatically tweak your game everywhere.

There are pros and cons to Pulado being a cloud based flash game engine. Some of the pros are below…

– Auto update all copies of the game everywhere
– Edit your game from any web browser
– Easy to update
– Easy to distribute
– Small distributable size (less than 10k)
– Fast load times
– Fix bugs in real time
– Update your monetization on the fly
– We pay for all the bandwidth
– Globally distributed CDN

A couple new things that we have added to Pulado recently are native support for MochiAds (advertising) and native support for Playtomic (stats tracking).
With MochiAds you can enter your MochiAds game code into the Game Settings tab on Pulado and it with automatically integrate advertisements into your game. That way when you distribute your game and people play it you will be earning revenue.

With Playtomic you can enter your Playtomic game Id and game code into the Game Settings tab on Pulado and it will automatically start tracking stats for your game. You can then log in to the Playtomic website and view how many people have played your game web wide, where they played from, how long they played your game, and what the drop off rate is from level to level. Using this data you can tweak your game to make the experience better for your players.