With the addition of the Ground layer to Pulado (you can set it on the Backgrounds Tab) a whole new set of game possibilities has opened up. The ground layer can be as simple as a black square that you have carved out a maze into or it can be as complex as a whole network of tunnels and rooms that the player can travel through and battle baddies. Options that deal with the functionality of the ground layer are currently found on the Gameplay Tab.

You can make it so that the player and/or opponents collide with the ground layer. You can also make it so that projectiles from both players and opponents collide with the ground layer (verses just flying over the top). Additionally, you can have the player’s collision with the ground layer cause damage to the player. This way the player has to stay away from the walls like in a Mouse Trap style game for example.

It is possible to have animation in the ground layer (like traps swinging). However, the functionality with moving objects in the ground layer and the player collision damage with it is still a bit strange. The player can sometimes jump around if they encounter animation in the ground layer so you will have to test it yourself and see if it works for what you are trying to build in your game.