GameSalad is downloadable game creation software for the Mac. It exports to HTML5, Android, and iOS. The main draw back for me is that it requires a Mac to make games with it. I would prefer that they provide either a web based version like Pulado or also a Windows version of their software. The HTML5 games are a little slow for me in Chrome but other then that it seems to be a pretty good game creation engine. You can see one of the games created with their software below (called Angry Anna). It is a politically inspired game based on Angry Birds gameplay. The nature of HTML5 games don’t lend themselves will to distribution so an IFRAME has to be used to embed games on other sites. Apparently they received 6 million in VC funding (and maybe more) and more than 20,000 games have been created on their platform. Check out GameSalad here.

WordPress doesn’t support IFRAME so play Angry Anna here.