While I was reviewing Sploder I stumbled upon an ad for Gamestar Mechanic. Gamestar Mechanic is a browser based game creator built in Flash that is targeted towards kids. It  looks like it is built specifically for kids by educators to help kids learn game design. The programming aspects are de-emphasized in favor is the game creation parts of the process. Their most popular game in their game arcade has over 10,000 plays and they also list 86,440 different games created by their users.

The two main game types that Gamestar Mechanic supports are top down tile based games and side scrolling plaform based games. One impressive thing about their game builder is the shear size of the games that you can build with it. A lot of game creators let you build relatively small levels but Gamestar Mechanic lets you build 10 widths of the game screen and 10 heights of the game screen (so 6400×4800 pixels). That is a pretty big area to build a game in and their editor pulls it off. They do have a limited amount of tiles, characters, and opponents to work with but it is based on an achievement system where you can unlock more options as you go along. The only custom content appears to be backgrounds at the moment (whereas Pulado lets you upload all of your own game pieces).

Part of the reason why they probably have so many published games is because of the limited amount of content. When there is a lot of content it can be very overwhelming. When there is a little amount of content is becomes kind of a game of “how can I build X with these simple tools”. In any event their website is built kind of steampunkish with lots of story telling comicbook style to make it appeal to kids. And of coarse because it is all built in Flash you can play all of these games on your Android devices in the web browser.

Check out the most played game, Leap of Faith, from their site here. Or sign up and test it out for yourself here.