Scratch is a projected hosted at MIT that is an interactive story, game, music, and art create. Users download a client which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and then create their masterpiece. The interactive games are then published to the Scratch website where they can be played in the web browser. They are published in Java (verses Flash like our Make Your Own Games engine on Pulado). According to their website there are over 2,200,000 published interactive projects on their site from almost a million members. That is quite a few games created with a game creator software.

Apparently lots of elementry schools use Scratch in the classroom to teach interactive story, game creation, and even programming. It has a simple code interface where you drag blocks of code together and change variables. Java produces some pretty unpolished graphics but with the right tools some nice looking games could probably be produced with Scratch. Scratch seems to be much more open then a lot of other game creators out there in that you can create or add all of your own custom graphics. In fact it looks like that is the main source of graphics for Scratch (things that you make yourself).

Scratch has a huge community of users in multiple different languages from around the world. They also have all kinds of video tutorials linked on their website on how to use Scratch. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of mobile on their site as I think it is more geared towards being a learning tool than anything else.

Check out Scratch for yourself on MIT’s website here.