Cartoon Network has a Star Wars Game Creator where you can build Star Wars themed games in 6 simple steps. You can build the games in the browser (without a download). Both the game editor and playing the games are in Flash (which means they would also run in an Android device web browser). Building Star Wars games on your tablet could be pretty awesome.

The thing that jumped out at me the most about this game creator was the simple tutorial it uses to help you build a fun playable game. It gives you pre-build maps to start with or you can built your own map from scratch. It is a top down view only of games on a tile based grid. You get to choose the background or terrain of your map. It lets you choose from a variety of Star Wars characters and vehicles to drive around as well. They have different attacks and special weapons. Their goal or “how you win” system gives you lots of different game play options like collect X of this item or get to X point. Finally they let you drop in opponents, traps, walls, etc.

When you go to publish your game you get to choose the makeup of your game name from three different drop down boxes (I don’t think you can actually give them game a custom name). Unfortunately you can’t use any custom graphics with this Game Creator (Pulado lets you upload all of your own graphics if you want). So while the Star Wars Game Creator is a very controlled game creator which limits what you can actually do with it I think it does allow you to create pretty fun games with relative ease. The Star Wars Game Creator also lets you chain games together so if one person only built one map you can play as Yoda across multiple single map games by different people.


What are you waiting for? Go make some Star Wars games right now!