PicToGame has a huge variety of game templates for you to choose from so you can build your own game. They have Sniper, Tightrope, Halloween, Kisses, MashThemUp, Smash!, Valentine’s Brick, Brick Dollar, Brick Euro, Choco Brick, Brick, Brick Dynomite, Kick Boy, Western Kick Girl, Devil Kick, Western Kick, Nagician ords, Zits Boy, Kick Girl, Zits Girl, Dinosaurs singers, Memory Metal, Singers!, Puzzle, Puzzle Flower, Puzzle 4×4, Quizz, Line Driver, Arm Fight, Dance Dance, Rugby SA, Bodybuilder, Russian Dance, Rugby FR, and Rugby NZ. Most of the games seem to be built in Flash which means they would also work on Android devices. The game editor itself is kind of a mix of Flash and HTML with the editing area being in Flash and then you go on and submit your Flash changes with a HTML page that includes the game title and description.

The names of the templates are pretty self explanatory but they have templates for everything from shooting games, to kissing games, to breakout games, to car racing games. I think the ability to actually tweak the gameplay is pretty limited with these games. They are more about adding in a photo of your face or your friend’s faces into a funny game. For example, in the racing game template you design a track and then everything else is provided for you (the cars and the rest of the game). So the custom content and even custom gameplay is very limited but you do end up with a fun playable game in the end (it just isn’t that unique). Whereas with our Pulado “create your own game” engine you have much more control over custom gameplay and custom assets and artwork. I really like how fast you can create a game with PicToGame however. That has a real appeal.


In another example using the MashThemUp template you enter kewords and it does a flickr search to pull in relevant images into what you chose. It’s kind of a space asteroid shooter but it pulls images from flickr instead. This second example looks like it is built in Flex (Flash). I also really like this template because it pulls in random resources based on keywords to be the enemies and bosses. You also get to customize the game type with this template and the behavior and strength of the enemies.

Check out PicToGame for yourself here and start making some simple games today.