This MafiaCreator is some what rare for a build your own game tool in that it actually lets you launch your own site using their text based Mafia game software. When you create a game with the MafiaCreator it gives you a URL with your own version of their Mafia game software that you control. MafiaCreator lets you build a game which is very similar to the popular Mafia Wars game by Zynga on Facebook. You become the admin of the game and you get to choose the layout and tweak the settings for the game. It looks like it is pretty actively developed as they just released a bunch of new features today (Dec 15 2011) including an interactive map (check the video).

The top mafia game in their network of mafia games has around 9700 members. You get to choose the name of your mafia game and once it has been created you get full access to the admin interface for the game. From there you can tweak all kinds of settings like how many times a player can be attacked, when a lottery draw occurs, or what areas are available (like race tracks etc). They provide the hosting for your entire game but on the other hand it isn’t located on your own domain name so that is a drawback (apparently you can upgrade to your own domain for a fee). As far as custom content goes you can choose from one of their existing game layouts and upload your own custom header which is nice. Apparently there are over 12 different layouts to choose from. With Pulado you can create your own game with a mafia theme but users can’t battle against each other like MafiaCreator allows you to do.

The MafiaCreator also has micropayments which you as a game creator can receive a percentage of when a user purchased credits through your game. Additionally they provide forums where other game creators can network and debate with each other on tweaking their own individual mafia games.

Check out MafiaCreator and launch your own mafia game here!