is a website that has a game creator which you can use to create your own games. It publishes to Flash and the game editor is also in Flash all in the browser. They have a wide variety of templates for you to use to build different kinds of games. There are arcade game templates, puzzle game templates, and even strategy game templates. A few of the most popular templates are for Jumpers, Platform games, Shooter games, and Racing games. Most of the gameplay is pre-determined for you in the games created with GameGonzo.

The game I picked as a test was a Shooter game. It allowed me to choose 4 different enemy images from their content library. Unlike a lot of other game creators GameGonzo supports full custom content mainly in the force of static images. One interesting feature is that the engine automatically animates the images for you by rocking them back and forth which gives a walking effect to characters. You can test your game in real time and you also have the option if starting the template from scratch or having it import an existing game level (like a platformer). The game also lets you choose a background, music, and sound for your game. All of these options are available even without creating an account first. If GameGonzo doesn’t provide everything you might want in game creation software you could also try using Pulado to make your own games for free. One limiting thing about GameGonzo is that the game window itself is pretty small. However, because it produces games built in Flash this may be a good game creator to use to build games for Android devices.

You can start creating games on GameGonzo for yourself right here.