Construct 2 is the latest version of the original Construct Classic game creator. It is downloadable software for Windows which allows you to make your own games and export them to HTML5 for play within modern web browsers. Apparently there is no programming involved and the interface itself for building games looks a lot like IDEs like Delphi or Eclipse as far as editing properties of items that you drag and drop within your game. The main format for assets in these games is PNG and you can use all of your own custom content within your games. They do include a variety of graphics that you can also use as well.

There are 3 versions of Construct 2 with the first one being free and having a couple limits. The other two versions are paid and basically just give you more options when building your games (or if you are a business you need the Business version).

The Construct 2 game creator exports to HTML5 which also means that the games should be playable on iOS and Android devices. The spite packs included with the paid version are a space set, a tank battlefield set, and a jungle platform set. They also have their own arcade where you can upload the HTML5 games that you have created with their engine. The top game in the arcade had about 7000 plays and there were only a few games listed (verses the 20,000+ which GameSalad lists for their game creator). Construct 2 does have a physics engine which helps it do platform games and games like Angry Birds.

Additionally when you add assets to your stage you can assign predefined behaviors to the assets (like your player) without coding anything. A lot of the game creators out there take this approach to allowing you to create your own behaviors. When you use the Pulado game create to make your own game however we allow you to customize game behavior using check boxes instead which limits options but is easier.

They have a few demo games on the Construct 2 website which show the power of the engine including a space shooter, a kind of ghost zombie shooter, and a couple other games which demonstrate the physics engine pretty well. Construct 2 looks very clean and may be easier to use but more limited than the other HTML5 game create we reviewed (GameMaker:HTML5). Apparently you can also easily publish your games created with Construct 2 to Facebook and the Chrome Web Store though I’m not sure how much of the publishing process it takes care of.

Check Construct 2 out for yourself and build a game here.