So you want to build your own online game website for free right? Fupa Games has a database of over 50,000 flash games that you can use for precisely that purpose. The underlying technology that makes it happen is a REST API which allows access to that database of games. Fupa Games also provide the code that you need to start using the web API right away. You do have to create an account on in order to get a developer API key to use with the REST API. Most of the 50,000 games are created by third party developers distributed through Mochi Distribution from Games created with the Pulado Flash Game Engine are also in the Fupa Games database. Each of the games comes with a description, two different size thumbnails, a description, title, star ratings, and the number of plays that the game has had.

Using the “Flash Game Site In A Box” which comes in PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET versions you can upload it to your website and have a complete website in minutes. You do have to have your own web hosting already in order to use the code but web hosting is pretty easy to get if you don’t have it (just check Google for hosting sites that support PHP or ASP). The only requirement for using the Fupa Games REST API is that you link the the site back to

The 50,000+ games come in a number of different categories including Action, Adventure, Board Games, Cards, Casino, Customize, Dress Up, Driving, Education, Facebook, Fighting, Jigsaw, Memory, Multiplayer, Other, Puzzles, Rhythm, Shooting, Sports, Strategy, and Word. Once you have the code installed on your site you can tweak it to highlight the games that you want to highlight and what categories that you want to feature. also provides an IFRAME version of the site which you can place on your site and get access to all of the games if your hosting doesn’t allow you to add your own code. Check out the Fupa Games Channel to get the code for the IFRAME.

Fupa Games also provides email tech support if you have any problems installing or using the REST API. What are you waiting for? Make your online game website for free with the Fupa Games API today!