In this post we’ll look at making your own Batman games. We’ve posted about two other game creators provided by the Cartoon Network and this is the third and final game creator that they have to play with. The Batman game creator is built in Flash and publishes games out to Flash as well which means it should also work on Android devices. The other two game builders they offer are for Ben 10 games and Star Wars games.

The Batman game builder is broken up into six easy steps which starts with the Game Starter section and ends with testing your game. The steps are Game Starter, Background, Heroes, Goal, Level Design, and Testing. After all steps are complete you publish out your game for other people to play. Similar to all of the other game creators offered by Cartoon Network and there is only about 5% customization available to the person creating the game. There is no ability to upload any custom graphics at all. If you want a game creator that you can upload your own custom graphics you should make your own game with Pulado.

In the Game Starter section you choose from a list of pre-created level designs to start your level with. Next up in the Background section you choose a background that goes with the game level that you chose in the Game Starter section. There are a variety of different colors which allows you to generate themes like underwater or in the forest or in a sewer. There are probably ten or so level setups to choose from in the Game Starter section and about the same amount of backgrounds to choose from as well.

Once you have selected those two you can move on to the Hero section where you select your player character. You get to choose from Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Red Tornado. The character you choose becomes your main character and then you have the option during the game to switch your character main to Batman and back again using the X button (it is sort of a sidekick system).

In the Goals section you can choose one of four goals which are Get To The Door, Collect All Orbs, Battle All Enemies, and Collect All Orbs And Battle All Enemies. They are pretty self explanatory and depending on which you choose it lets you place a door, enemies, or orbs throughout your level. When you first click it automatically places the items on the map so you don’t have to move them unless you want to.

In the Level Design section there are different wall and floor sections you can use to customize your grid based map. You can also add additional hazards, and more objects like orbs. Lastly you can erase parts of your level and add water to your level for the character to swim through. Once you are finished with the Level Design section you can move on and test your game. If you aren’t happy with the result you can go back and continue to customize your game.

That’s all there is to it. Once you are finished with your Batman game you can publish it to to their site for everyone to play. Go start making your own Batman game here.