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Here is an interesting isometric city creator from CityCreator.com. It is all built in HTML and has a pretty simple drag and drop interface. There is a variety of artwork available to use to build your city including a Medieval theme, a snow theme, and a futuristic theme. The various assets that are available are broken down into Buildings, Roofs, People and Vehicles, plus Roads and Walkways. The city creator also lets you select from 8 different backgrounds to build your city on top of. Overall it is a pretty fun tool to use to build a city in an isometric form. I would like to have a tool like this for our Pulado create your own game engine to allow people to build up their own backgrounds instead of having to go out and build them in Flash.

One thing that keeps happening when I try to use it is that I get grabbing the background which causes the browser to try and do a drag and drop on that image. So an enhance that might add would be to lock those background images so that nothing happens when someone tries to drag and drop them. The artwork is very nice and has a bit of an 8-bit look to it. Another cool feature is that you can save your city and even send it off to other people so they can see your masterpiece.

Check it out and start making your own isometric city here.