Honey Nut Cheerios partnered with Nick.com to create their own “build your own” Honey Nut Cheerios game. It is in the same spirit as the game builders for Spongebob and iCarly that we have posted about before. The game creator is built in Flash and outputs a Flash game as well which means it is playable on the web and on Android devices. I guess you could also build your own game with it on an Android tablet device. In any event the mechanics for building the games with the Honey Nut Cheerios game creator are pretty simple. There are 6 easy steps to building your own game with it but the drawback is that there isn’t any way to include your own custom graphics or custom anything really. They probably give you 95% of the game and you provide the other 5%.

The game builder itself is broken up into 6 different tabs which are World, Level, Hero, Music, Goal, and Builder. On the World tab you choose a background for your game where your bee will fly around. In the Level section you choose from one of 6 pre-created levels that your player can walk on. In Hero you choose one of three player characters (honey bees) that you play.

Music lets you choose one of 5 music tracks to play in the background of your game. Goal is an interesting tab because it controls how and why people should play your game. You can choose one of three available goals which are Reach the Door, Collect them All, and Defeat All Enemies. Unfortunately as previously stated there is no way to add your own graphics but you could use the Pulado make your own games creator which allows you to do that (just not with Honey Nut Cheerios characters).

Lastly on the Builder tab you can customize your level by adding or removing Enemies, Floors & Walls, Bonuses, and other random objects. One you’ve tweaked your game how you like it you can use the Test It button to go play your game and see if it is fun. If you have any changes you can come back and edit your game before publishing it live.

If you want to make your own game using the Honey Nut Cheerios game creator head here.