There are quite a few game frameworks out there to make the glamorous games like arcade game, physics, and puzzle games. However, the game creator we will be covering in this post lets you create a number of different types of word games. Specifically they have a template which lets you create Word Search games, Crossword Puzzle games, Sliding Puzzle games, Jigsaw Puzzle games, Hangman style games, Word Scramble games, and Brain Teaser games. You create the game just on a web page in your browser and then the games are published as Flash (which also works on Android Devices).

They are pretty simple to create as they mainly consist of giving a list of words or a photo and then naming your game and adding a description. The game creator takes care of everything else. It looks like there are about 70,000 word games created on their system already. They don’t have anything similar to other game creators where you could make arcade games or the like (like the Pulado make your own games engine). It is strictly word games. Here is a sample Word Search game using their system.

And here is a sample of their Word Scramble games (see below). As you can see the graphics are pretty sparse but they get the job done.

There is also a high score table with each game which shows the highest scores that users can recorded for that game. Lastly they also allow you to embed these word games that you create on your own site. However, it looks like they have to host the SWF file because you pass an ID to it which tells it the information to load for that game which means they won’t work offline.

Head over there and start making your own word games today!