We’ve talked about GameSalad on this blog before but there is a second software called Stencyl (and StencylWorks and StencylForge and StencylBuilder — it has lots of different pieces). Stencyl can publish to Flash and it can also publish to iOS. Apparently in order to publish to iOS you need to pay for their Pro version. With the free version you have to ┬átest on a Mac but you can’t publish to the Apple app store. Android and HTML5 are listed as coming soon but because Android can play flash you can load up any of the Stencyl created games in your Android browser right now.

Stencyl is pretty interesting as far as a flash game creator goes (you can add code to it in AS3 — it doesn’t get any better than that). They have been hitting the blogs and other PR pretty hard lately as I’ve seen a blog on MochiMedia about how to integrate MochiAds into your Stencyl games (Pulado also supports MochiAds) as well on the WebSphere show by the BBC. Additionally they have some kind of partnership with the flash game website Kongegrate (or at least a page dedicated to them on the Kongregate website). I also ran into an old blog from 2008 about their future plans. Check it out to see how far they have come in 3 years.

There are only about 64 games or so published in their own onsite arcade but their forums seem pretty active (with thousands of posts) so they have quite a big community of game builders. It mainly seems geared towards building platform style games. Check out the video below for their introduction to Stencyl.

Find out more about Stencyl here.