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The Unity 3D engine released their Flash exporter as a public beta today. Unity is a game creation tool that exports to iOS, Android, their own Web Player, and now to Flash. So you can use all of their awesome game creation tools and then be able to play it on probably 90-99% of machines out there in the browser because of the Flash plugin. Unity is not really for the beginner though. We covered the Unity 3D engine a couple days ago in our post titled How To Make Free Games With Unity 3D if you want to know more in depth information about it.

In any event I downloaded the public beat today and loaded up their Angry Bots demo project. Brought up the build settings, select Flash as the platform to target and clicked Build. It created an SWF file for me and then I loaded it up in the browser. It looks and works pretty amazing. Play it for yourself. The next thing I tried was to load up a new Flash 11 project in Flash Pro CS5.5 and then load up the Unity SWF file inside my own SWF and add it as a child to my own canvas. This worked like a charm as well. Now I have a game published out with Unity with vector Flash elements sitting on top of it. I guess this could also mean that you could load up a game built with the Pulado make your own games engine and then use Unity for cut scenes or visa versa. It would also let you build an AS3 arcade in Flash with Unity and Pulado games side by side in the same arcade. Or even how about using the MochiMedia High Scores API with Unity published to Flash? Sweet.

Here is the code I used to load up the Unity published SWF into a Flash CS5.5 project:

import flash.display.*;
import flash.net.URLRequest;

var ldr:Loader = new Loader();
var url:String = “angrybots.swf”;
var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);

What this would allow you to do is load up your own preroll ad or even game play tracking code like Playtomic around your Unity published game. They also have a contest going on for the next two weeks or so to see who can create the best Unity to Flash published game so that could be interesting as well.

Head over and get the Unity 3.5 public beta and try out the Flash export feature for yourself!

In some of the other posts on this blog we mainly talk about game creation tools which are drag and drop and programming is not required. However, in this post we are going to talk about Unity 3D which is an advanced game creation tool which has it’s own web player which is similar to Flash (though the amount of people who have it installed is not quite as many as Flash). As you may have guessed Unity 3D is a game creation tool mainly for 3D games as that is what it does best. Additionally, it will publish your games to iOS and Android (not to mention the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360). However, only publishing to the web is free as the other platforms require a paid license.

Unity 3D is not for the feint of heart or if you are easily distributed. It can take longer to build an create a 3D game that it does for a 2D. Unity 3D also requires programming. If you are looking for something more drag and drop with no coding required you should try something like Pulado to make your own games. It comes with demos and things but be prepared to write code before you download it. According to their website it does include an editor that has real time editing. So you can be “playing” through the game and at the same time you can jump in and start editing objects at the same time. The scriping languages that you can use to code in Unity 3D are Javascript (which is very similar to ActionScript), C#, and a Python variant called Boo.

Unity 3D also has an asset library and store where other users can sell components and assets that they have created to other users of Unity 3D. This is a really handy service to have because it allows people to modify the engine or provide assets that you can then just purchase without having the take the time to re-invent the wheel yourself.

The main drawbacks for using Unity 3D are probably the paid licenses for publishing to mobile and the fact that it takes a special plugin that users have to download in order to start playing games on the web built with Unity 3D. This will get easier as more and more people have the plugin installed. Additionally, they are working on the ability for Unity 3D to export to an SWF file which would then be playable in any browser that has Flash installed. Suffice to say that sounds pretty cool. If you are looking to have a multiplayer game it also supports the same kind of multiuser servers that support Flash like SmartFox and Electrotank.

If you already know how to script and or create 3D art and you want to make a 3D game then Unity 3D is probably one of the best ways to go right now. Check it out here.

I saw over on MMOGames.com that they had this alpha key giveaway to test a Unity 3D based MMORPG which also comes with a “build your own level” functionality.  I played around with it. Kind of interesting. Sort of Second Life meets FreeRealms with clients in your browser, on your desktop, and on iOS/Android.

Check it out here to get the Alpha code:


Or the direct link here: